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Helping adolescents and their parents or caregivers learn strategies to better manage chronic pain.

Pedia Pain Focus: Putting Pain Care Skills in Your Patients and Families’ Hands (Ep 49 with Dr. Rachael Coakley)

February 12, 2021
Dr. Anjana Kundu | 2/10/2021

Treatment interventions based in psychology form the mainstay of pain management, particularly for children's pain. Yet, these may not receive the due priority and/or many not be easily accessible for patients and families. Use of psychological based treatments for pain may inadvertently create stigma around the nature of the child's pain diagnosis, for patients, families and even the healthcare professionals who may not be familiar with pain management.  The end result being, inadequate pain care, mistrust, and frustration for all involved.

Dr. Rachael Coakley, PhD. of the Boston Children's Hospital shares the role of, challenges to and her innovative solution, the Comfort Ability Program, to address this gap. 


Takeaways in This Episode

The reasons for a gap in access to psychological based pain care interventions Stigma around psychological treatments and what might propagate it. Things healthcare professionals do and implement to change the perception around role of psychological treatments Use of metaphors for explanation of the pain conditions, and role of various treatments. The real hurdle in healthcare right now The message that healthcare professionals  can and should be giving the pain patients and their families Why Dr. Coakley chose to pursue pediatric pain management and the formative experience that lead her career path.  The tight rope that parents walk with their children's pain The driving force behind creation of the Comfort Ability program Elements of the Comfort Ability program, who it's for and how healthcare professionals can access and utilize it for their patients and families The mission and goal of the Comfort Ability program Dr Coakley's message for healthcare professionals.